Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making PAX Paint

PAX paint is used to seal a foam latex appliance before putting on makeup. It provides a foundation without the need for castor oil or another barrier before creme makeup is applied.

PAX paint is made of two things: prosthetic adhesive and acrylic paint. It generally is a 50-50 mix and is used to color and seal a foam latex appliance. While you can make your own, PAX paint also is available through Burman Industries as "PAX Paint", uses RCMA colors and is approved by Dick Smith.

Apply PAX paint using a white makeup sponge, blotting the foam latex prosthetic with the PAX paint. The paint will stay flexible while sealing the foam latex, making it ready for applying either creme or RMG makeup.

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  1. could you use AdMed Liquid Adhesive instead of pros-aide ?

  2. I have to cover a whole arm totoo,the cast has to go into water,would that stay...or any other succession to covet up a tatoo?